Nonwoven, do you really know

At present, non-woven wallpaper is very popular in many cities in China. We all feel that...

The non-woven fabrics and non-woven fabrics from a

A non-woven needle belongs to manufacturing of non-woven fabrics, polyester, polypropylene...

Hangzhou Yao Jin non-woven Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the development, development and production of environmentally friendly enterprises. Company's existing professional production and technical staff of nearly 150 people, the factory has advanced sewing machine and printing equipment and 1800 square meters of production workshop.
Hangzhou Yao Jin non-woven fabric Co., Ltd.
Address:No. 101 Yunxi Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
Q Q:421772088

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